Bella Ag is the perfect combination of cattlemen and "geeks".  From the farm to the lab we develop and manufacture all of our technology in the USA.


Our Mission

As farmers and ranchers we understand the amount of work that goes into raising quality cattle have made it our mission to provide you with the best health monitoring tool on the market.  We believe that early detection of illness allows a more proactive  approach to animal husbandry and reduces antibiotics use on the farm.

Bella gives me an additional 48 hours of advanced notice over my rumination and activity tags and 60 hours over my conductivity and milk meters.
— Tom Allison - Dairy Technical Specialist
The bolus has allowed us to give individual attention and monitoring to every cow resulting in early detection and diagnosis of health issues such as mastitis and pneumonia. Early diagnosis of these issues simply means we can initiate a better treatment programme.
— Philip Davis - Ludchurch Farm

What you Achieve

  • Increased pregnancy rates - Healthy cows breed back faster.
  • Increased production - Keep your cows energy focused on producing MILK vs fighting off illness.

  • Reduced mortality rates - Catch illness before it's to late. Dead cattle cost you a fortune!

  • Automatic Health Alerts - 24/7 Health monitoring with alerts delivered how you want them.
  • Control illness and disease with early detection - Diagnose illness earlier when treatment can be most effective.
  • Reduce treatment cost and somatic cell counts - Stomp out illness early without repeat trips to the hospital.