Bella Technologies


Based out of Colorado USA, Bella Ag is the perfect synergy of Cattlemen and "Geeks" We proudly develop and and manufacture all of our product here in Colorado USA. As cattle owners we understand the importance of  early detection, we put real life practicality into every facet of our system from implementation to cost.

Bolus the cows                  Mount the Collectors              Respond to Alerts




"Bella gives me an additional 48 hours of advanced notice over my rumination and activity tags and 60 hours over conductivity and milk weights." Tom Allison

Phil Davis

The Bella Ag Bolus was chosen as one of ten products in the Tomorrow Today exhibition of  innovation in agriculture at the show in July 2014, and came out with the top prize of Royal Welsh Award of Merit (Machinery & Trade stands) for new innovation that shows the most potential for improving agriculture in Wales.



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